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23rd March 2021

Advanced Canine Technologies Ltd

Advanced Canine Technologies® Ltd are a company that over the past 27 years have produced top quality detection dogs, training and certification for leading law enforcement agencies world - wide. Our dogs have high search drive, they are well socialised and are unfazed by new surroundings and situations and can be tested by the visiting agency.

Our dogs can be purchased and trained for many tasks or just sold as young "green" dogs already tested for drive and environment and finished by the purchasing agency.

We produce professional work of the highest standards in many of the most difficult canine disciplines that there are and many other organizations find it diffucult to achieve the results and validation of the same quality.

We can train and produce quality dogs for the following proven disciplines, vapour detection, bomb detection, drug detection, contraband detection, dvd detection, arson detection, tobacco detection, counterfeit money detection, and dogs capable of the detection of smuggled animal parts and endangered species.

Advanced Canine Technologies® Ltd are now working in conjuction exclusively with based in the Netherlands and primarily concerned with training and producing bio-medical detection dogs for diabetes and other health issues, eco and pest control dogs.

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